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Language Training for Expatriates & Recognised Partners 

A Global Language Training Policy was launched by Shell in June 2011. Shell languages courses are now provided by preferred suppliers and it is mandatory for all expatriates & recognised partners to adhere to the Global policy and preferred suppliers.

Who is entitled to language training 

  • All Shell employees (expatriate or local) faced now or in the future with a job role/ country where a new language is required to perform business, Note: This applies to expatriates regardless of package including Local Non National. 
  • Recognised Partners of Expatriates – on an accompanied status assignment contract, Note: Language training is NOT provided to partners of employees on a Local Non National assignment.

How will the language courses be delivered? 

Shell provides expatriates and recognised partners with world class language training. 

Shell is using three of the global leaders in virtual language training: Tell Me More, Berlitz & Rosetta Stone, traditional e-learning & classroom training has been replaced by Virtual Classroom. It can take you to ‘fluency’ and allows you to design your language learning to fit your competency needs and personal schedules. 

Virtual Classroom  is a 6 month course available 24/7 & 365 days a year, through your computer and includes:

  • Pre assessment to establish your current competency level and learning plan 
  • Unlimited tutor classroom sessions available every hour 24/7 – small groups max 5, tutor links by video, students by voice – all students at similar competency level. 
  • Unlimited interactive online learning content 
  • Unlimited speech recognition tools – to practice your spoken language skills 
  • Student chat forums & Online tutor support 
  • Post-assessment to determine if the required competence level is achieved 

Note: Rosetta Stone can also be accessed through your IPhone iPad and 15 Androids. 

Some of the benefits of Virtual Classroom language training are:

  • Self paced – Go at your own speed 
  • Schedule your learning and tutor classes at a time that suits you 
  • Access your training any place, anywhere, any computer 
  • Start your language training before reaching your new country 
  • Unlimited access to learning materials for 6 months 
  • Allows you to design your course to suit your development needs 
  • Unlimited tutor classes available every hour 
  • Get instant feedback on your spoken language skills 
  • Tutors available 24/7 to answer questions 

Note that face to face language training called -‘Immersion’- can be provided for a full-time period of 4-8 weeks. This is an intensive method of language training and therefore, much more expensive, it can only be obtained if a strong business case is provided and approved by Central Learning Team.

More Information

For more information about which languages are available and how the language training can be accessed, please contact the Outpost Kuala Lumpur team.