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Opportunities for Spouses/Partners

Employment Opportunities

In today's world of dual careers, many accompanying spouses/partners have expectations of a satisfying and challenging career. Achieving this whilst on the move with your partner's career is certainly possible but it is unlikely to be straightforward.

An important first step in any job search is ensuring that you are aware of the immigration laws which exist within your new location and how they impact your job search. Immigration laws in Malaysia are complex. For more information, please see the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

All foreign diplomas/certificates/degrees will be accepted as per the requirement of the employer. It is mandatory in Malaysia for all expatriates and foreign workers to submit their educational records in English. If your diploma is not in English you will be asked to have it translated.

Voluntary Work

Many spouses and partners choose to volunteer. Volunteering helps partners make new friends and it can be a good opportunity to explore career and personal interests. Certain volunteer work can help to earn great recommendations for future employment or college applications. Spouses have used volunteering to develop their marketable job skills, build resumes/CVs and enrich their education to a certain extent and their lives in general. Unlike paid employment, volunteering provides a more flexible schedule and varying time commitments, and can enrich your life abroad by making a difference in the community.

International organizations with volunteering possibilities include:

There are also many organizations that work with local charities, for example: