Kuala Lumpur

Public Transport


Taxis in KL are a convenient and economical means of moving around the city. Air-conditioning and meters are compulsory in all taxis but compliance is not enforced. Be sure to negotiate a flat rate or ask the driver to run the meter before you get in and then make sure the meter is switched on. Drivers usually speak at least some English. Don't be surprised if taxis refuse to take you to outlying areas where they are unlikely to get a return fare.

Taxis can be very hard to get during rush hours and heavy rains, and fares soar. Make sure that you or the driver knows the way to your destination before setting off. Not all drivers know their way in all areas of town; carrying a map with you is always a good idea. When you are calling for a cab, use a reputable taxi booking application. Some smartphone applications offer users a safe and easy way to get a cab. For example, Grab (formerly known as MyTeksi) is an easy-to-use taxi application. When you book a taxi, you will be pre-informed about the taxi driver’s name, plate number and mobile number.

Some locations such as KLIA and Subang airport, Sentral Station and Sunway Lagoon require a coupon to be purchased for the taxi fare.

Taxi Safety in Malaysia

Although most taxi journeys are smooth and safe, it is worthwhile to remember that, occasionally, passengers have been robbed and/or harmed. Be vigilant in taking your ride, anytime and anywhere. Use your cunning eyes and superb instincts in choosing a cab. If you feel suspicious of anything, trust your inner self. Always take the safer side. Below, please find some tips to keep in mind when you use the services of taxis in Malaysia or anywhere you travel:

  • Have a global idea of where you are going. Find out the general direction of your destination and what would be the best way to get there. This can be helpful as taxi drivers sometimes do not know how to get there! It will also help you make sure the driver is going the right way - if you sense they are taking you somewhere else, challenge the driver or get out.
  • Avoid taxi drivers who refuse to turn on their meters or insist on negotiating a flat fare. When you enter a taxi, make sure to note down the taxi's registration number. This should be clearly displayed in the front. If you don't see it, exit the taxi immediately. If you do see it, write down the number just in case.
  • Message or call a friend/relative to inform them you are in a taxi and give them the registration number, your destination and the estimated time of arrival. This way they will know what to do if you do not report back in time, and/or in case they cannot reach you. 
  • Do not enter a taxi when someone else (besides the driver) is already inside. Also, it is best not to share a taxi with anyone, even if you are rushing to work and a kind stranger offers to share his/her cab with you. If, during your journey, the taxi driver stops to pick up a passenger, exit the taxi immediately.
  • When you are calling for a cab, use a reputable taxi booking application. Some smartphone applications offer users a safe and easy way to get a cab. Grab is an easy-to-use taxi application that has been used by many people.

Trains and Light Rail

Light Rail Transport (LRT) has two transit networks within the city. Air-conditioned and very convenient, the LRT operates every 3 minutes during peak periods. Feeder buses go to suburbs and shopping centers. The KL Monorail operates in the city center linking up with some LRT stations. You can find more information about LRT, Monorail, and public buses at MYrapid public transport portal.

KTM Komuter electrified rail service, transports passengers within greater KL and the Klang Valley. Trains are coming every 10 - 20 min. in peaks period.

The KL International Airport (KLIA) Ekspres provides service between KL Sentral station, KLIA and KLIA2, with departures every 15 minutes. The journey to the airport takes 30 minutes. Luggage can be checked-in at Sentral Station for selected airlines, at least three hours prior to an international flight. 

KTM Intercity trains operate routes from KL to Padang Besar, Singapore and also the East Coast up to Tumpat from KL Sentral Station.


Several public bus services operate in KL. Fares are inexpensive, however buses can be packed like sardine cans during peak periods! Unfortunately, information on schedules and destinations of various buses is not widely posted. There are 3 bus terminals:

  • Puduraya Bus Terminal: the main bus station in KL. Coaches arriving and leaving from and to all parts of Malaysia.

  • Putra Bus Terminal (opposite PWTC): this Bus Terminal is mainly catering to East Coast Malaysia – Terengganu, Kelantan, etc.

  • Pekeliling Bus Terminal: Buses are mainly going to the Eastern states including Kuantan & Jerantut.

Free Bus Services


GOKL free city bus service is meant to serve the Kuala Lumpur Central Business District (CBD). It was launched in 2012 to help improve public mobility in the areas KLCC, Bukit Bintang and Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur.

The free city bus service has been in operation since August 31, 2012 and it serves two main routes called the Green and Purple Line. Travelers can hop on and off at numerous official GOKL City Bus stops, many of these located conveniently near attractions, shopping malls, f&b areas or connecting modes of transport (like the monorail and LRT).

There currently are a total of 15 buses on the GO-KL service and each can accommodate up to 60 people per bus. Outside of rush hours there should be a bus every five to fifteen minutes. Each bus will provide easy accessibility for the disabled, such as wheelchair ramps. Free Wi-Fi is provided for the convenience of tech savvy travelers. The GOKL bus service operates between 6am and 11pm daily.

All in all this new service is a great development for KL citizens and foreign tourists. The bus routes are located within areas where there normally weren’t that many alternative ways to travel besides the – often expensive – taxi.

Other Free Shuttle Services in KL

  • Mid Valley Megamall shuttle service between Bangsar LRT station and Mid Valley South Court.
  • One Utama free shuttle from Kelana Jaya LRT station and Sunrise Mont Kiara.
  • Bangsar Shopping Centre shuttle service from Help UOA, Manulife, Pusat Bandar Damansara, Help Residence
  • Publika shuttle provides easy access to KL Sentral for onward connections to other parts of KL.