Kuala Lumpur

On Arrival

At the Airport

Most people arrive in Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), a modern international airport situated approximately 50 km from Kuala Lumpur city. For information on airport pickup and hotel transfer, first night's accommodation and local contact numbers please refer to your Relocation Advisor.


Your Transfer Advisor will take care of your briefing on contractual matters. They will also forward your details on to the relocation company delivering relocation services. For any further information on initial Shell HR and work contact, transit accommodation, loan car, and company orientation please refer to your Transfer Advisor.

Outpost Kuala Lumpur

The Outpost Kuala Lumpur Office is open two mornings a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) to assist you with any queries. You can visit us, call us, or drop us an e-mail (contact details). Our Meet & Greet team will try there best to contact you via e-mail within the first ten days of your arrival. They will be pleased to answer any immediate questions you may have. Outpost Networking Mornings are held once a month to welcome newcomers to KL and provide an opportunity to meet other Shell spouses/partners. Please check the News and our Calendar for upcoming events.