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Restaurants and Cafes

Cuisine in Johor indicated the influence of the Arabs and that of the surrounding Malay archipelago. Local favourites include the famous Laksa Johor, a noodle dish served with gravy cooked with coconut milk, flaked fish and sprinkled with fresh vegetables; Mee bandung, Mee rebus - the famous noodle dish which consists of noodles served with a tangy, spicy brown sauce with boiled eggs, Telur pindang - Eggs boiled together with herbs and spices, popular during wedding feasts in Johor and of course Roti Jala –a special bread which looks like a fish net, usually eaten with curry or with 'serawa' - a mixture of boiled coconut milk, brown sugar and pandan leaf. 

Muar is particularly renowned for its cuisine, with many restaurants as well as food stalls serving popular local delicacies. Pontian and Kukup, two tiny fishing villages along Johor's southwestern coast offer some of the best fresh seafood in the region. The houses, as well as the restaurants, are built in traditional style on stilts at the water's edge. The stalls at Lido Beach and Stulang Laut offer local favorites and hawker fare.